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MLB Playoff Predictions pre-deadline?

I will make another post after the trade deadline next week, as you can bet several teams will look to make a big splash who can help get them into the playoffs.

As right now, here are my predictions-

Division winners-

AL East- Red Sox (it's a sad season for my Yankees)

AL Central- Tigers

AL- West- A's

AL Wild Card 1- Rays

AL Wild Card 2- Rangers

NL East- Braves

NL Central- Cardinals

NL West- Dodgers

NL Wild Card 1- Pirates

NL Wild Card 2- Reds


Playoff predictions:

AL WC game- Rangers at Rays- Rays

NL WC game- Reds at Pirates- Reds

ALDS- Rays vs Red Sox- Red Sox in 5

ALDS- Tigers vs A's- Tigers in 5

NLDS- Reds vs Cardinals- Cardinals in 4

NLDS- Dodgers vs Braves- Dodgers in 4

ALCS- Red Sox vs Tigers- Tigers in 6

NLCS- Dodgers vs Cardinals- Cardinals in 5

World Series- Cardinals vs Tigers- Tigers in 7

What are your predictions?

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    6 years ago
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    I agree with your picks for the most part, but I think the Rays are going to win the division and the Red Sox and Orioles will get the wildcards (I can't believe I'm predicting the Yanks to finish 4th but I'm a realist.) I think the A's will miss the playoffs because Colon's going to get suspended giving the Rangers the west, but they won't go far.

    I think you have the NL and the pennant winners spot on, but I like the Cards to win it all.

  • 6 years ago

    Since the Rangers acquired Garza, I think they'll win the AL West.

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