I need help researching colleges for the following?

I'm looking to get a degree in


dental hygiene (dental hygienist)

Dental Assistant

Respiratory Therapist

I've been trying to find schools and researched a few like Daymar Institute, Remington College, Everest University, etc. It seems most of these are extremely expensive and many of the reviews for all these schools are extremely poor and they rip people off.

I've already enrolled in a local community college but they don't have the courses I actually want to take. I was initially going to go for elementary education but this will take me four years and I need a better job ASAP. I am 22 and unemployed still living with my parents. I've been trying to start college for YEARS, since I was 19 yrs old, to absolutely no avail. I don't have high enough ACT scores to get in to a major public university (I scored a 21.) So for right now I am trying to find vocational/tech/career/community colleges that have degrees and certificates I can earn in two years or less for careers that pay at least 40k/yr or more.

Someone please help me!


Bill, starting salaries for Paralegals, Respiratory Therapists, and Dental Hygienists are in the 40k range with a 2 yr degree. Thank you for your waste of a comment it was not remotely helpful.

Update 2:

Sassy the whole reason I'm taking on any of these career options is in order to further my education to do something I love.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hello Haley,

    I think it is commendable and smart that you’re looking to continue your education to better yourself and career. I am working on my Master’s degree online at American Military University while working there full-time. I’ve enjoyed the courses that I’ve taken and am four shy of completing my degree.

    Since you noted that some of the schools you’ve looked into are too expensive, I recommend checking out online universities because often times it will be a more cost effective option for you to accomplish your goals. I included an article that I think will be beneficial to you in this decision below. Also, I included the link to view my school’s Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies since you stated that was something you were interested in studying.

    Source(s): Online student and employee at American Military University – www.amu.apus.edu http://onlinelearningtips.com/2012/04/06/5-things-... http://www.amu.apus.edu/academic/programs/degree/1...
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    Trying not to be snarky here, but I laughed when you said a paralegal starts at $40,000 a year. I've been a paralegal for a long time, and NO ONE starts remotely close to that here in the state of Texas. You have to remember that the research you do is based on "averages". They take a sample poll and come up with some insane number that isn't remotely accurate or the truth. Cost of living in California is greater than here in Texas. So if you averaged the salary of someone who lives in California (where property values are in the MILLIONS) vs. someone in podunk Texas where you can buy a four bedroom house for $50k, you might come up with $40,000. Doesn't mean YOU will get $40,000. I started at $12/hour. I want to say, in my neck of the woods, that is a paralegal's starting wage. Do the math, and that is way lower than $40k a year. Heck, I think it took me three years to get $40k a year. Took me five years before I made really good money. As for dental hygiene, I have a cousin who does this work. Again, in Texas, she didn't start out at $40k either. My point is, pick what you love, but if it has the caveat that you have to make at least $40k out the gate, you're going to be sorely disappointed. Look at job advertisements in the area. That is the dose of reality. You'll see experience requirements, education requirements, etc. and really know what the paying rate for those professions are.

    Source(s): Commercial Construction Litigation Paralegal and member of the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division
  • 8 years ago

    My friend got into a large state school with an ACT score of 18, and the national average is 20-21. Quit saying your ACT isn't high enough, you're just not trying. All of the colleges you listed are scams and will cost you more than going to a state school. And don't expect to make $40k right out of colleges with those degree. If you want serious money, with a guaranteed job right after graduation then look into nursing. If you're looking at these jobs just pay,than you'll be miserable and looking to go back to school to major in something you love.

  • 8 years ago

    there's a website called Cappex.com and it is a really good resource especially when looking for schools, you can customize a profile that expresses your wants and needs from your school and they have real student rating and in depth details of basically any school in the country.

    Source(s): CAPPEX (:
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