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What middle names can you think of for my kids Danny hensley alexis sampson danielle sampson and tommy wisker?

I need something nice it can be more then 1 name

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    I'm just as confused as Michele K....

    (EDIT: I meant Michele R)

    But anyways, here are some middle names (considering Hensley, Sampson and Wisker are last names)

    Danny Joshua Hensley

    Danny Thomas Hensley

    Danny Roger Hensley

    Danny Neal Hensley

    Danny Emmett Hensley

    Alexis Estella Sampson

    Alexis Brynne Sampson

    Alexis Clara Sampson

    Alexis Emmeline Sampson

    Alexis Nadine Sampson

    Alexis Beatrix Samspon

    Danielle Violet Sampson

    Danielle Marie Sampson

    Danielle Therese Sampson

    Danielle Aurora Sampson

    Danielle Florence Sampson

    Danielle Maeve Sampson

    Tommy Miles Wisker

    Tommy Maxim Wisker

    Tommy Brighton Wisker

    Tommy Nathaniel Wisker

    Tommy James Wisker

    Tommy Owen Wisker

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    This is confusing... your kids are already named Danny, Alexis, Danielle and tommy? And you've listed their last names?

    Shouldn't they already have middle names?

    Here goes...

    Danny James Hensley

    Alexis jade Sampson

    Danielle Ashley Sampson

    Tommy Brian Wisker

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