Is it bad luck to get semi matching rings .?

So I had showed my boyfriend a ring i wanted to get. told him how i found the guy one first but after moments of browsing i found the lady one and i showed it to him.

he liked it.

showed him the guy one. he liked it too.

and he also liked how they're fidget rings.

so it was decided that we would get his and her rings.

This is mine

And this is his

He was talking to his mom about it and she said that it was bad luck to get matching rings and ever since then he's unsure as to wether or not he wants to go through with it. I told him I was getting mine regardless. But it was up to him on if he wanted to get his or not.

He said he doesn't know.

So I want to know, is it bad luck to get semi matching rings? Because they're not completely the same.

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  • 6 years ago
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    If it's bad luck to get matching rings I know a lot of cursed married couples...

    In all seriousness no, there is nothing wrong with getting matching rings, and those don't even match exactly. They are similar but not the same

  • Megan
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    6 years ago

    I don't think it's bad luck at all! I think it's a sweet gesture.

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