Questions about the hearse/funeral car when a person dies.?

1. How many people/relatives can ride in the car with the casket on the way to the church/cemetary?

2. If a person has three kids, and three grandkids but only talks to two of his grandkids and one of his kids all the time (the others call on holidays) can the grandkids ride instead? As long as everyone else thinks it's fair??

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  • 7 years ago
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    By definition, a hearse carries only the coffin. It's not designed for any funeral passengers, nor should there be any.

    Add: There are a FEW hearse designs that allow it to be converted to a "station wagon" with seats, but then it's not really a "hearse" anymore, is it? Similarly, a "combination" hearse that is also an ambulance may have one or more seats for attendants, but you wouldn't generally have anyone riding with a coffin. In fact, state laws may require a separate (and expensive) limousine medallion (like a taxi) if the hearse were to be used to transport any live customers for hire.

    The vast majority of hearses in use today have nothing in the back but the coffin.

  • 7 years ago

    No one rides with the coffin............that is driven alone and in front.

    the next few cars are family cars and really at this point it is way beyond who the fudge sits where, it is up to the closest person of who just passed to make that call

  • 7 years ago

    Usually the family follows behind the Hearst in separate cars.

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