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Why hasn't UMG removed all the leaked songs on YouTube?

So I've been dying to get the new selena gomez album that comes out tomorrow and I've seen how all of her songs have already been leaked... The entire songs not released by her are online and they have not been removed. And usually they aren't even allowed to be uploaded online. Because I tried to upload a remixed song by a singer and they said it was copyright. So why?


How can they miss over 300 videos?

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    Because the songs haven't been released yet. They will be taken down once her album has released (soon) so yes! What's the channels name ? If you report them too then it will be taken down too.

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    youtube will remove content once it is reported so the company hasnt found it yet, they have teams of people checking youtube daily and they cant find everything but when they do it will be taken down.

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