I'm about to buy a Nintendo 3DS and a Pokémon game, please help me with some questions.?

I'm about to buy a Nintendo 3DS and it's the first time i ever used a DS system, so i'm kind of a noob yet, so i have some questions to make.

I'm a pokémon fan and i wanted to know the next;

1# If i have an older pokémon game, (lets say soul silver), and you have saved the game... Then i buy pokémon black 2 and play it, then, will i have the pokedéx from soul sivelr and black 2 mixed together or will i have to see all the pokémons again on black 2 ?

2# Will i be able to transfer my pokémons from soul silver to black 2 ?

3# What pokémon game should i get first, (just need an opinion XD) ?

4# Will i be able to trade pokémons with a friend that has an older DS, (like DSi or DS lite) ?

5# Will i be able to trade and battle online ?

Now about the 3DS;

6# Does the 3DS has a voice or type chat for online gaming ?

7# Can i add friends?

Thanks for all the answers and help i may receive ! :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. You will have to see them all again.

    2. You can transfer pokemon from another game.

    3. I suggest Pokemon Black or white.

    4. You can trade with different DS types.

    5. You can trade and battle online. Once you put wifi on the DS.

    6. No voice chat.

    7. You can have friends on pokemon.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Yes, you would have to see them all again

    #2. No you cannot

    #3. I think HeartGold would be a good game to start off with, then Platinum, then White

    #4. Yes, you can

    #5. Once you put Wifi on the DS you can battle people all over the world!

    #6. There is no voice chat

    #7. You can add friends in certain games. on the 3ds there is something called streetpass where whenever you walk around with your ds and you pass by someone who also has their ds. your mii goes to their ds and vice versa. so you can be friends with random people (pretty creepy right?).

    I hope i helped!

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