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Who should I drop to bring Matt Kemp off of the DL?

It's an 8 team keeper league so that's why I have such a good team on paper-

My Team:

Victor Martinez

Chris Davis

Jason Kipnis

Ben Zobrist

Manny Machado

Dominick Brown

Nelson Cruz

Nick Markakis

Chase Utley

Pedro Alvarez

Justin Upton

Ryan Braun

DL- Derek Jeter

DL- Matt Kemp


Francisco Lariano

Gio Gonzalez

Kyle Lohse

Clayton Kershaw

Chris Archer

Jose Veras

Ernesto Frieri

Joaquin Beniot

Anibal Sanchez

Justin Verlander

Jarrod Parker

Gerrit Cole

Shelby Miller

DL- Brandon Beachy

I thought about dropping Braun because he disgusts me with his PED stuff but I also know he can help my team when he is healthy. So who should I drop for Matt Kemp?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    K Lohse, C Archer, J Parker, G Cole.

    Maybe Trade Verlander (lost velocity; pitches in AL) and someone (Braun?) for a superior bat--Miggy C?.

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