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What new features will there be in the iPhone 5s/6 and when is it release date?

I've heard many different rumors about the new iPhone 5s/6 coming out. I've done some research people have said that there is a new wireless charger, better camera, new colors, new design (Touch screen home button), a possible new physical design. And also that it will be coming out in the Fall of 2013. Can anyone please tell me if any of this true or for this more to it? I just wonder if its going to beat the Galaxy S4 since the phone has a sensor and its water proof. I really want this phone so I can start my freshman year with awesome technology :D

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    You really do need to get out of the Orchard as what you think is going to happen was rejected as a plot for Once Upon A Time

    There have been at most 4 new features on a new iPhone not on the previous and that includes a tweak to the processor

    8MP to 13 Mp Camera, + 1Gb RAM, Dual Core to Octa Core. (IP5S will remain @ 1.2 GHz DC. Window 8 are 1.5GHz DC)

    Wireless charging AIN'T going to happen as it adds too much weight. IP4S to IP5 was a weight drop)

    I AM NOT A CYNIC but a REALIST, so what you list again is things ALREADY ON "NON APPLE" devices!!

    THE JUMP you hope for is too much I have replied to it in an earlier answer which is apt.

    This won't happen Apple are FOLLOWERS to explain

    The Samsung Galaxy S II (2)was released in MAY 2011 & has 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor with an 8Mp camera.

    18 months later November 2012 Apple puts a 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor & 8Mp camera in a phone and call it the IP5

    No microSD NO Bluetooth Media Transfer (Sharing) so Email, SMS , MMS why if somebody is in the SAME ROOM, Apple don't even do basic, so AWESOME

    Though I have not seen it Beta IOS 7 'resembles' Android Jelly Bean

    Apple is years behind, there are many Dual Core phone which are better and the list is increasing, and though a comparison to Quad Core is not 'fair' the IP5 costs more than its superiors.

    Apple has only one counter are it benchmark. The S4 is TWICE AS FAST as the IP5.

    ******re Additional Details my earlier answer to another similar question*****

    The IP5S even if Apple like Pacific RiM "Go big or go extinct" and loaded the IP5S with 5 years worth of upgrade, so it matched the S 4 do you think that it would be the same price as the S 4 when the Dual Core IP5 has tariffs that exceed that of the S4

    ....IP5S tariffs world be category 5 Kaiju

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