The most religious and catholic woman in history of western civilization?

Which figure is more worthy and suitable to be revered as a "full-fledged" catholic warrior and saint in accordance with biblical principles :

Figures such as Catherine De Medici, The Wife of King Henry II of France & Queen Isabella I of Castille from Spain OR the likes of Joan of Arc, a peasant and folk heroine from france ???

They were all an extremely faithful, religious and robust catholics, who have been regarded by roman catholic church as "the servant of God" and even sainthood.

But, joan of arc had never converted an enormous mass of people into catholics or christians, while under queen isabella I of castille,the number of christian converts ballooned and even christianity was sheltered from the spread of "heretic diseases"..

So, by reputation which one do you guys think of more of real embodiment of catholic zeal? which had done a massive and influential contribution to christianity?

Thanks in advance. I'll need it for my research as a basis to write article :)

Everybody are welcomed to respond!

p.s. excuse my english, it is not my first language!


To respond one of replies i have received so far :

I think you're right that these people i have asked are very little known today and i didn't add any details too about them. So, here are some brief explanation regarding them :

Catherine De Medici was the wife of King Henry II of France. She was an italian and a devout catholic. She is widely remembered among historians as one of the most important figure that have changed the course of history in european history as she instigated a brutal crackdown against "huguenots" - or the followers of protestantism - and strenghtened the catholic monarchy during wars of religion in france.

You may check this link as well :

Update 2:

And regarding Queen Isabella of Spain :

Isabella I of Castile was the queen of spanish kingdom and the wife of king ferdinand II of aragon. She is noted as the leader who resurrected and triggered reconquista or spanish inquisition that earlier had been established by catholic church and vatican authority to aim the heresy that existed among society. And i believe i don't need to explain much further about the nature of inquisition...:)

anyway, here's the link :

Update 3:

And i assume you must all at least have heard about Joan of Arc...:)

But, in case, you need to find more information about her background and biography ..check this :

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    I think you need to ask yourself whether forced or coerced conversions don't stink in the nostrils of God. Or who knows; maybe by your definition, it doesn't matter as long as there's a check mark in the "converted" column. Isabella didn't use kindness, let's put it that way. Joan lived her faith and led. She didn't coerce.

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    Mother Theresa

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