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Is it for real that Brian Littrell's 10 year old son is opening concerts for Backstreet Boys?

Does anyone else think it's wrong to allow a 10 year old child to do that???. Sad that he's using his own child to make money just cause him and the boys are paying for everything having to do with there new album. They don't have have a record company to back them up I wonder why lol.... If you think it's wrong to let him know. He's on twitter alot tweeting the obsessed backstreet boys fans that he follows. This is his twitter @brian_littrell.

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    If his son wants to sing and feels like he's ready to then yes. But if he's being pushed into it then no but I don't see brian as that type to push his son. Anyway its not the first time bsb have alowed children to open their concerts up do you remember aaron carter he use to open concerts up for them when he was just 9 and he did really well (aaron carter, nick carter from bsb brother) mind you he always said he was pushed into it by his mum not nick (but I always thought his mum was a perfectionist what I didn't like about her was her obsession with fame and money did you hear the rumors she spread about nick she said he only got into bsb because he let lou pearlman sexually abuse him well if that was the case why didn't she protect him he was only 13 and you think brians a bad father )but he always wanted to sing. Do you agree with child stars at all think michael jackson, willow smith, stevie wonder it turned out great for them. As for this stuff about the record company company apparetly interscope or some record company like that was going to sign them up but they couldn't decide whether to sing for one album or 4 albums.

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    Wow, you have no idea what you're talking about, and you are extremely immature.

    Brian and the others are not using Baylee,

    And you act like a record company just doesn't wanna back them up, like I said, you have no idea what you're talking about. A couple record companies want them, but the band wasn't sure how many albums they want to make. No your facts before you say something stupid.

    You are EXTREMLY EXTREMLY immature telling people to complain to Brian just because you have no idea what you're talking about.

    Get a life. If you don't like Brian and the band, then stfu and focus on something you do like.

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