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1.Betty wants to get into that school,but her parents don't agree___it.

(a)in (b)at (c)about (d)X

2.Exercising regularly enables my father___a healthy life.

(a)leading (b)leads (c)to lead (d)led

3.The boss suggested that we____other ways to solve the problem.

(a)try (b)tried (c)are trying (d)have tried

4.I have three pencils. One is blue. Another is green.____is yellow.

(a)Some (b)Others (c)Other (d)The other

5.Next time when a new game___, be sure to come and enjoy it.

(a)has played (b)is played (c)play (d)has been played

6.Please turn off your cell phone___the performance.

(a)at (b)on (c)when (d)during

7.If you___to the party, I will be very glad.

(a)come (b)came (c)coming (d)has come

8.All Allison wants to do now___her computer and take a rest.

(a)is turning off (b)are turning off (c)is turn off (d)is turns off

9.Getting up early___good for your health.

(a)have (b)has (c)are (d)is

10.The doctor advised the patient____the medicine twice a day.

(a)to take (b)taking (c)take (d)taken

11.My brother told me____Harry Potter was an interesting story.

(a)which (b)something (c)that (d)about



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    C(agree on/about sth)

    C(enable sb to do sth)

    A(suggest that we (should)try other ways... )>>>should會省略掉一般作原型動詞

    D(one, another, the other)




    A (All Allison wants to do)是主詞所以用單數is



    (advise someone to do sth)

    (advise that someone (should)do sth)


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    Sorry , 以上解答是我自己寫的,有興趣來回答一下,所以錯誤了 包涵囉

    (1) C ,, about 關於哪件事,要說明前面的句子,所以我覺得要加一個about

    (2) A ,, 憑感覺選的 -.-

    (3) D ,, 同上

    (4) C ,, 三者以上用another ,第二因該就是other ( 用在兩個 )

    (5) A ,, 憑感覺 -.- 只知 D 是已經被,所以刪去

    (6) D ,, 在表演期間要關閉 所以選 During

    (7) A ,, 整句翻譯是 如果你來我的派對,我將會非常開心 , 刪去 BD,我覺得事情還沒發生所以不能用 ing , 所以選A囉

    (8) C ,, 感覺 -.-

    (9) D ,, 動名詞當主詞 getting up early 是一件事, 所以接單數動詞,早起對你的健康是好的 , Ving + is/was/has ...

    (10) A , 憑感覺 -.-

    (11) C , a是用在關代b,不適用d關於的意思 that 在這邊用連接詞 這句有that 或沒有that 都可以變成一個句子

    Oops 幫人解答也是對自己的一個複習,如果有更好的答案,或著我有錯誤,請糾正我然後我們一起學習吧:)


    所以 就這樣囉:))

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    1. c

    2. b

    3. a

    4. d

    5. d

    6. d

    7. a

    8. a

    9. d

    10. a

    11. c

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    怎麼又是你在問= =

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