I have been researching both the DPS and City Cop, and was wondering if somebody else could give me some more pros and cons. Does DPS make more than City Cops, and in your opinion witch one is better? What type of advancement is there for the to. I know about Texas Rangers and Detective, but what else is there if there is anything else. And how hard is it to become a detective or Texas Ranger. I am 24 years old and just got out of the military 5 month's ago and have over 60 hours in college credit hours.

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    Well, you're asking a broad range of questions that cannot all be specifically answered without more clarification from you. I can tell you that I have worked with DPS Troopers, DPS Criminal Investigators, and Texas Rangers all around the state, and they are a top notch organization from top to bottom. In order to become a DPS CID Investigator, you have to test and promote. In order to become a Texas Ranger, that is an elite unit of guys that put in their time as troopers and investigators, test, interview, and then get selected when a position comes open. It is very prestigious to be a Texas Ranger, and they carry a lot of pride as well as history in the their work and appearance. I'm not saying you can't someday get selected as a Texas Ranger, but it's more likely that you won't.

    As for becoming a detective, it is somewhat generally along those same lines. You have to put your time in on the streets first, then you can test/promote to a detective position.

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): 18+ years law enforcement in Texas.
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