Is nursing home experience good?

I'm a senior in high school and two careers I'm flip flopping about at the moment are elementary teacher (k-2nd) and nursing (pediatrics though I'm open to most anything). At my highschool we have a "work-based learning" (work-exit) opportunity and I signed up to be an assistant teacher at my local elementary school and I wanted to work at my local hospital but all the positions got filled. The only other position in "health field" would be to work I a nursing home. I really don't mind working in the nursing home, but is the experience positive in the light of nursing? I mean would a possible employer like to see "nursing home" on my resume?*I typed on my phone so I hope there aren't many typos haha

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  • 8 years ago
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    Do the teaching job nursing homes are depressing picture dropping off your parents at a nursing home and never visiting them those are people you deal with and your always around people who are close to death my aunt works in a nursing home and she's always saying how her job is depressing the only way I see a teaching job depressing is if the are mentally impaired.

    Source(s): I have close family on both sides of the question
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