THD valve and PF valve for LED light. Should I care about it?

I am going to use LED light in my factory. The LED will be used about 1000 Tubes. Should I concern about the PF and THD valve that some LED Tube (cheaper one) cannot provide me with this number ? Why ?

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  • johnm
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    7 years ago
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    PF is Power factor and THD is Total harmonic Distortion. The cheaper ones probably don't correct for either. Will this matter? Depends on how electricity is metered to your business. If they charge for PF, it might have a very small additional cost. But if you have a PF meter, that usually means you are spending lots for energy (big motors etc.) so it wouldn't be noticed anyway.

    Probably the more important thing to look for is quality construction of the LED lights and a good warranty.

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