my question is about ssi and ssd?

If i recieve ssi and I marry someone who recieves ssd will i loose my benefits .... i recieve 710 a month and he recieves ssd of 1500 a month

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  • Judith
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    7 years ago
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    His income is high enough to make you ineligible for SSI. You should know that if you don't get married but act as though you are that SSI will treat you as a married couple for entitlement purposes. Even if you are no longer eligible for SSI the two of you will have a greater income that what an eligible SSI couple would have.

    If your entitlement to SSI ends so does your automatic entitlement to Medicaid but that doesn't mean that you would be ineligible to Medicaid - it just means that you would have to file an application with the welfare department to see if you would be entitled to Medicaid even if no longer entitled to SSI.

    Source(s): Retired social security claims rep.
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