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Zimmerman case: Who's more biased? ....and why (read)?

Pro Zim'?


Whites, blacks, Dems, cons, and why do people fall into a stereotypical line?

Where do u stand? where do u get your coverage? . AND which came first?

Here I talk about politics VS Truth:

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Even if news politics doesn't effect our view, I think news is making us more polarized than we would otherwise be. I was watching FOX, and it's just as polarized as CNN(on the opposite side)

My closing thoughts: The verdict may be right, but so much about the case was wrong.

Right up to the juror interview:

Dispite O'mara saying "Don't make ANY assumptions, she made many assumptions.

Juror says she's SURE it was Zimmerman's voice screaming. How?

She said Zimmerman "Didn't know when to stop"; "Went too far"

the question of racism never came up in jury discussions. The Jury was all white.

She recalled the protest marches as “rioting.”

...she said she's not doing any more interviews. Maybe someone told her it's not a good idea.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Its kinda funny actually. many black people have killed white people that posed little or no threat to them in Florida and used the stand your ground clause to get away with it. Of course no one points out how ridiculous this clause is until a white person does it to a black person then it makes international news. If trayvon was white and Zimmerman was black we wouldn't of even heard about it

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  • 7 years ago

    At first I thought Zimmerman was actually defending himself. I was watching CNN and fox.I saw that each channel gave enough info on each side to have races against each other.So that made me suspicious.I did research I read official documents,police interviews(the whole ones).police reports and etc.The media shows just enough to support whoever you are rooting for.I have heard untruths being told on a show.Hannity said Zimmerman nose was broken and etc,being beat to death.When i found out Zimmerman shot an unarmed kid I thought for sure he was going to jail.Martin was unarmed and Zimmerman and 2 scratches and a nosebleed.No broken bones,no stitches.After all the evidence I believed he committed manslaughter.I was disgusted as well how the trial ended because i believe it was jury tampering at least.The jurors spent 2 hours per week unsupervised with their family and friends.I'm sure some of them heard what the media was saying.The juror b37 in my opinion sounds very biased.This is where its confusing.she and 2 other jurors had voted not guilty and 3 others had 1 2nd degree murder and 2 manslaughter. before the evidence was reviewed.I believe the 3 not guilty jurors spent 16 hours convincing the other 3 to change their plea.They did it by telling them that under the stand your ground law Zimmerman cant be charged even though Zimmerman followed martin.I am upset because Zimmerman didn't claim stand your ground as his defense.He claimed self defense.So I am confused how that got on the jury instructions.Juror b 37 also lied and said "we wanted to find him guilty of something,but couldn't because of stand your ground law" she is a liar.She voted not guilty from the first second and never changed her plea.She said Det.Serino believed Zimmerman was telling the truth.The judge told her to disregard that statement .he can't determine that,especially since he was going to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter from day 1.She said Zimmerman went too far and shouldn't got out the car.That right there is manslaughter.I feel we all have been used in some kind of political fight for some reason we aren't privy to.Someone stopped Zimmerman from being charged initially that started all this bs and that is why people are so angry.And I feel this verdict is unjust and there SHOULD be a retrial.Leave the laws and gun issue out of it.

    And Lordzeno,show me a case where someone shoots an unarmed kid and doesn't get arrested and with no injuries to show for it 3 days later.Show me one case.And Zimmerman supporters are more biased

    And kojak Justice was not served.The evidence showed Zimmerman followed Martin.Martin was unarmed. Martin was shot in the heart.Self defense is not nor ever will be applied to your defense if you FOLLOW and CONFRONT someone.The juror cited stand your ground law as reason for not guilty verdict.

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  • Kojak
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    JUSTICE is limited by what you can prove...... based on the evidence justice was done..... you may not like may think the explanation is not what really happened.....BUT they could not PROVE anything different..... so justice was done

    This was NEVER about race..... this was never about the "stand your ground" law....there is no evidence to support either accusation

    This is a tragedy..... but we are making things worse...... Zimmerman's life and finances have been destroyed....and he did nothing illegal..... he committed no crime

    FOX news....CNN news....BBC.....MSNBC....internet

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