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positive point to save the girl child?

positive affect to save the girl child

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    If she has been raped, abused, beaten, insulted, humiliated to the point of becoming the next generation of bullies, evil, callous, calculating, manipulative, envious and destructive of the life of others, it is very possible that her soul be so black, filthy and toxic that her only salvation would be infinite and unconditional love in Heaven. That way she will be able to purify her soul and come back as a good, kind, polite, well-adjusted child in a nice family with responsible parents, and to realize all her dreams. Moreover, the world will also become a better place when an evil person goes to Heaven. It's definitely a win-win situation for all.

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    7 years ago

    The girl child will become, not only a woman,but also a mother. According to Becker(1964) of Chicago, a good mother will nurture her family so well. That means saving a girl child today, is happiness for life. i hate Chinese who kill the baby girls.

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    This makes no sense.

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