Are UFOs and aliens real or just a myth?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I agree with pretty much everyone else in here, and if they did have technology, that is way more advanced than ours, I hope they would come and meet us. But that would also mean, that they must feel some kind of power with their technology in hand, which could be.. dangerous for us. If we meet with them, all we can hope is peace. Otherwise, we would have the biggest war in human history, that would eliminate many humans and aliens. All the sci-fi movies may become a reality in the future. Who knows, this future could arrive sooner or later. We don't know, how advanced they are. It may be the end of the human species, the end of the aliens we fight against, or peace on earth. This is just what I think. You may agree with it, if you like :)

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    Are Aliens Real Or Myth

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    They arent real calm down. The are just an urban myth that pople tell to scare people. You have nothing to worry about. Those alien bodies you see on the internet are fake and any stories are from idiotic people that just want publicity and fame. Thats why you hear all these stories from poor people. so they can get more money. There is no such thing. Even if they were real you are a grown person and can probably fend them off yourself. If they were real they can only look like us also. They will probably just be more advanced humans. Good enough?

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, and No. Yes UFOs are real, UFO solely means Unidentified Flying Object. From a scientific standpoint there are things in space and the sky that we can't identify sometimes, therefore the moniker UFO is accurate, as for aliens, the great majority of scientists believe that aliens must exist. Our galaxy has about 100 Billion stars, each with planets of their own. There are more than 1 Billion galaxies in the known universe, and most have as much if not more stars than our own milky way. The odds that there would only be one planet (our own) supporting life are so astronomical that it would be illogical to deny it. As far as there being alien visitors to our planet, no such scientific proof yet exists, these beliefs are still in the realm of speculation. So back to my original statement Yes.. and No. : )

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  • 8 years ago

    Ufo's simply mean anything that is unidentified. They tend to turn out to be either TOP SECRET military aircraft that the government don't want to tell you exist - hence you get "we were NOT flying anything" responses, or things like ball lightening, weather balloons etc. At some angles its even possible to mis-identify helicoptors and aircraft. So UFO's are real but likely to be either man made or freaky weather.

    Aliens - its certainly possible they exist somewhere, but the universe is just so big and vast we might simply never know. it is even possible the universe is full of life, but its existing in different times to us. Sadly we will NEVER know the truth, but one day some time FAR in the future our descendants might get to know more than we ever could.

    As for aliens visiting earth that is currently a myth, or the person is drunk, on drugs or simply lying.

    Aliens would have the same issues we have - physics stops it being possible.

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    Are UFOs and aliens real or just a myth?

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    UFO's "linked" to Aliens?=No solid proof the public at large is aware of. the public at large presently.

    Does our government or any other country's government know anything and or covering something up about ET and or UFO's?=Possibility

  • Helen
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    5 years ago

    Have you ever seen an alien or an unidentified flying object? If not, why would you fear the unseen, the unknown?? It's almost like a person being afraid of a room full of a million cookies, stacked against the wall......... I think you should relax and enjoy life.

  • 8 years ago

    Arthur C Clarke his third Law says- any sufficiently advanced technology will appear as magic to a technologically inferior race.

    And all Myths have some basis in fact.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    ufos is real i seen plenty of em the govurnment got aliens n stuff and aliens abducting people down here its crazy

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