What Jo Malone Perfume is the best?


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    7 years ago
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    I love the Jo Malone Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle Set because, with its three fragrances, you can wear them alone or mix and match to get different scents. It is the only set of this kind that I know of and it inspires lots of creativity in me.


    Celebrate the essence of romance with the Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle™. A trio of exclusive accords to layer with voluptuous Red Roses. Create individual effects: Sweet Lemon brings tantalising transparency; Scarlet Velvet Rose adds richness; and Honeycomb, a nectar-like warmth. Write your own love story…

    The Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle™ contains Red Roses Cologne (1 oz.), Sweet Lemon Cologne Accord (0.3 oz.), Scarlet Velvet Rose Cologne Accord (0.3 oz.) and the Honeycomb Cologne Accord (0.3 oz.), and comes creatively packaged in a storybook gift box.

    By Jo Malone London."

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