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Where is a good place to find a horse and buy grooming supplies?

I live in Kansas City Missouri, and I need a place to find a somewhat cheap good quality horses on a website that is easy to navigate, that are within a 300 mile radius and such. I also need a place to find horse grooming supplies that are inexpensive but good quality. You can navigate the website and add to cart the things you need and create your own grooming kit that it all comes in the same box when delivered. Craigslist you have to constantly be checking and not get the horse you want and it ends up being a greenie and has problems even when you checked it out at their place. Should I just bid at the Mustang Million after the competition and get an expensive well-trained horse?

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    I live in the same vicinity, if not the same city, and your question is confusing. You can't buy a horse off a website like a pair of shoes! You are asking for a place to find cheap, but good quality, horses, (do you need more than one), and a website that is easy is to navigate, that is within 300 miles, with cheap grooming supplies. Like if you don't like it you can mail it back?

    And you make mention of having gone to Craigslist and been disappointed. What exactly are you looking for? A horse for yourself? Or some sort of web site where you can be assured of buying 50 kill buyer horses a day easy?

    Please don't be a kill buyer. Horses are a national treasure, not a source of food. You would find yourself in very hot water with me if I thought you were trying to buy for such a nefarious purpose.

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    newsflash... a mustang that goes through the makeover is just a horse with 100 days or so of training.

    it's NOT a well-trained horse.

    people who have no clue about horse training, think that a mustang that went through these things, is totally trained for anything.

    well, they're not.

    these horses were put through training 24/7 with just ONE person (the trainer) and they can excel because that trainer knows what they are doing, how to handle an unbroke and GREEN horse.

    you get a GREEN horse at the end of that competition.

    and no, they're not expensive.

    they can cost $250 or more, usually a few thousand dollars, depending on what kind of "circus" acts the horse is trained to perform (have a rider stand on their back, etc)

    I suggest:

    1. you take riding lessons

    2. you consider leasing a horse

    3. if leasing works out, and you have the money (there's no such thing as a cheap horse), you get a horse, otherwise, don't bother.

    horses cost money.

    they're not like dogs or cats.

    you MUST have access to a well paying job, either you or your parents, so you can pay every month the hundreds of dollars it costs to keep a horse.

    boarding, training, lessons, etc.

    if you want cheap, you're not ready financially to own a horse.

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