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Anyone recommend me good gcse resources please??

I have to prepare for gcse, and I would like to know if anyone could recommend me any good websites, gcse syllabus and information websites, any good books, or websites I can download past papers for free! That would be perfectly appreciated. I would prefer to study more on the science, bio, chem and phys. I'm going into year 10 and I really want to try.No offence intended, but whoever will insult me about the fact that I'm trying to study, can p*** off....okay. I don't think I am clever enough. I don't think I am intelligent, which is why, I have to put lots of effort into this...thank you very much indeed for you help!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Past papers can be downloaded from your exam board's website - find out which exam board you are using for each subject, then search the website for your subject. For Maths, you can find the papers for Edexcel and AQA here: Also on Emaths, you can get KS3 past papers (English, Maths and Science) to brush up on stuff that you have learnt already, and there are video tutorials and other things on there aimed at GCSE Maths students.

    You can get your GCSE syllabi/specifications from your exam board's website - just search for your subject on the right exam board, and there will be a PDF of the specification.

    Books-wise, it depends on what your budget is (textbooks are more expensive than revision guides) and how you learn best. Personally, I found out the ISBN numbers of the textbooks that we used at school, and bought copies of the ones that we were not allowed to take home. Most people use revision guides instead of buying full-blown textbooks, but I found the revision guides a bit lacking, so I opted for textbooks (although I did get a revision guide for Religious Studies and Maths, because my friend had them and they were better than the textbooks that we had at school).

    The books that I bought were:

    - Nelson Thornes' New AQA Science (I bought the separate sciences books because I took Triple Science, but if you're taking Double Science, it works out cheaper to get the Science A and Additional Science books instead - same content, just with fewer units). The Nelson Thornes books are nicely laid out, but I'm not sure what they're like for other exam boards:

    - Pearson's Revise GCSE revision guides - I used these for Religious Studies and Maths (both Edexcel). They have a nice, easy to read layout and they're pretty cheap - I think mine were about £3 each from Amazon. They do a few different subjects for Edexcel and AQA (plus BTEC Science):

    A lot of people like CGP revision guides, but I've always found them a bit daft. If they work for you, then go for them, but otherwise, there are other options. The Letts GCSE revision guides seem pretty good - my older brother had a load of them (from before I was even born) and handed them down to me. Not sure what the newer ones are like, but the older ones were nice, if a little bit dated (in his German revision guide, it mentioned bringing cassettes to school to record your practice speaking tasks on!). A lot of the content in the older revision guides was relevant to current GCSEs, so you might be able to get second hand revision guides for next to nothing.

    As for websites, SAMLearning can be really helpful - it requires your school to sign up to it, though.

    If you like being able to watch/listen to things, there are loads of GCSE-relevant videos on Youtube - there are whole channels dedicated to GCSE Maths. One such channel is here: For other subjects, it's probably best to search on a topic-by-topic basis, as a lot of educational channels are created for American students, but their content overlaps with GCSEs.

    If you are taking GCSE Computing, this website is good, but requires a login now:

    Of course, there's always GCSE Bitesize too. I found it helpful for English, but didn't really use the other subject bits much. Sparknotes can also be helpful for English Literature. Also, if you ever have to do research, using the "references" section of Wikipedia pages can be a good way of finding relevant information from reliable sources.

    Source(s): Just finished Year 11.
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