What's your opinion on K-pop?

Personally, I freaking love K-pop because its upbeat, catchy and the artists are actually talented unlike over here with north american, where majority are auto-tuned, not to say that some kpop singers aren't, but the majority do possess talent, in my opinion.

So I ask you, what's your opinion on Kpop?

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  • Lynn
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    8 years ago
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    Awesome~ I LOVE K-Pop, also for the bass and the beats and the catchiness (if it's in the pop/dance genre), and also for the emotion and melodies (if it's for slower songs/ballads) I like OST-style songs sometimes too haha.

    I agree on the talent part I especially admire all the people who are part of groups but go solo, like G-Dragon or Junsu XIA or Jaejoong they all write/produce their own music and are really talented rappers(for GD) or vocalists(Junsu!! and Jaejoong) with their own signature style. Ailee and Lee Hi have amazing voices, and also Zico and Bang Yongguk also write/produce their own music oh my I love Block B and B.A.P (my favorite group haha) and BTS!! they're a rookie of 2013 but they are pretty talented too, a lot of ex-underground rappers & I think most or every song in their album was worked on by a member of BTS~ :D

    and k-pop artists are always so hardworking, and I think also a good number of them *are* generally really genuine on variety shows (of course not all, but I think people like Junsu and CL and the members of B.A.P and many more are pretty sincere! and Block B is never afraid to be their goofy selves lol ^^) and i love them for their personality haha and of course, K-Pop is a whole lot less dirty/sexualized than American music (because Korean TV shows will censor the music if it's too dirty, but that's not really a bad thing because the music is prevented from getting really dirty like A-Pop :o)

    and there's so much variety too! Like there's jazz (B.A.P - Coffee Shop), Alternative Rock (CN Blue, FT Island), Reggae (2NE1 - Falling in Love), Goth Rock (Jaejoong - Mine), country (Roy Kim, Busker Busker), Indie (Nell, Busker Busker, 10cm), it's not just pop/rock so well there's always a nice song to listen to, and a genre for virtually everyone I think! :D

    & it's foreign music! ^__^ it means you have to be open-minded to get past the cultural differences (like aegyo or guyliner or music video costumes) and lol it makes me wanna learn Korean, I see no harm in liking KPop and learning a new language for that~

    most people who don't like kpop are judging it based on appearance, which I found annoying >< it's a cultural difference for guys to put on guyliner and whatnot, it's not 'gay' lol geez....

    so yes I like kpop for the music ^__^

  • 5 years ago

    Korean culture as a whole is very impressive. However, I don't believe it's accurate to say that North American is all autotuned and boring. While it may not be appealing in certain aspects, it's impressive and every so often I find something I like. I don't think that North American music is bad, it's just different. If you like Korean music and dislike North American music, I can honestly say that it might be because of how different the two are. I hate when people compare K-pop to Western pop. They're two separate cultures doing different things for a different audience. At the same time, I wish more people would respect K-pop. It's come much further in the 20 years it's become a thing than any othee industry that I know of. The idols work hard and are centered more towards their fans. Western idols may be as well, but we can only see what the media allows and unfortunately, it just isn't set up that way here. So, while I love love love K-pop, I will not slut shame Western pop.

  • 8 years ago

    I love k-pop. All of the artists have some degree of talent, and looks. I respect all the k-pop artists even if they don't have any talent or looks because they have all trained from 2 months to 10 years everyday, never knowing when they would debut, and when they did debut, they wouldn't know if they would become successful.

    To me, k-pop is one of the reasons why I'm still here. It was the last thing I fell onto when I was going through some hard times, and it's the one reason why I'm still fighting. It's also what I'm dreaming of. To be there for others, like k-pop artists were there for me :D (This may sound really weird o.o)

    Anyways. I personally think of k-pop as an amazing type of music (whether it's the really catchy, upbeat hit songs, or the ballads hidden in their albums) and I think of it as the last thing that was there.

    Edit: i have to agree with one of the answers. Many members of certain groups are just liked for the fact that they are pretty, but I like all the members of some groups (esp SNSD) because if they can't sing, they can dance, if they can't dance, they are funny, if they aren't funny, they are pretty. Which makes me like all of them, even if they don't have talent, or skill they still went through really poopy times being a trainee and it's really hard to be one, and then to survive all that :o I like everyone in every group that I like.

  • 8 years ago

    I think it is amazing. My family hates it, but I listen to is almost everyday. K-pop singers have a lot of talent and are really funny and cute (some are really sexy).

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    A lot of the bands now are overrated, like SNSD and Super Junior. Too many members who can't sing and dance, and known for something else like acting, variety shows, looks, etc.

    I wish there are more bands like Beast and 2PM who can actually sing AND dance.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like some of it. The only K-pop song I love is Gee by Girls Generation and tahrs kinda it.

  • 8 years ago

    KPOP IS MY LIFE!!! I will forever be a fangirl, no matter what! (Angel for life❤❤) I LOVE IT!!!! It's not all about partying, sex, drugs, etc.... The lyrics r awesome, it sounds awesome, the groups look awesome, they are just asdfghjkl *dies*

  • 8 years ago

    It's cool but I'm kinda already tired of PSY. It was good in the beginning but now its hella annoying lol

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