What is the best team of Pokemon non legendarys and what moves to teach them (I can get any Pokemon)?

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  • 6 years ago
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    This is more of a competitive team but is works!


    Ability: Moxie

    Item: Anything really....

    Nature: Adamant

    Moves: Waterfall. Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Earthquake/Body Slam

    Sweeper: Wrecks Fire/Rock and Ground types with STAB waterfall, Murders Flying And Dragon types with Ice Fang and Earthquake Covers its x4 weakness to ice. Body Slam can also be used because its chance to Paralyze is uber useful....Dragon Dance is to make it so that it can OHKO everything!


    Ability: Iron Barbs

    Item: Rocky Helmet

    Nature: +Def -Spe

    Moves: Spikes, Gyro Ball/ HP water, Leech Seed and Protect

    Wall: Ferrothorns Iron Barbs and Rocky helmet will make it a pain to attack. It doesn't need leftovers because of leech seed which will cure large amounts of its health every turn. Protect might come in handy to get free health of leech seed. Gyro Ball is a powerful STAB move but HP water can replace it to overcome that NASTY x4 weakness to fire :/


    Ability: Poison Heal

    Nature: +Spe -SpA

    Item: Toxic Orb

    Moves: Subsitute, Protect, Toxic and Earthquake/Knock Off.

    Staller: This is a ******* BEAST when stalling! It will subsitute first turn(or protect) when it's safe the toxic orb will activate poisoning it. It will heal damage quickly with poison heal and will dispatch of foes by badly poisoning them and will dispatch of many foes with earthquake. However be carefull of skarmorys that will run circles round this forever since neither toxic nor earthquake will effect them. Knock Off can be used to annoy the **** out of people if you must, but earthquake is recommended :-)


    Ability: Rough Skin

    Item: Choice Scarf/ Expert Belt/ Focus Sash

    Nature: +ATK -SpA

    Moves: Fire Fang, Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Swords Dance

    Sweeper: Anything your Gyrados can't handle hand over to Gyrados. Steel, Grass and Ice Types will tremble before fire fang and dragon claw will kill other Dragon Types hoping to outspeed with relative ease( Works better if you have focus Sash). Electric Types that were so haughty before Gyrados will cry before garchomp and they will expect no mercy as they are OHKOed by earthquake. Even Ubers can't stand there ground before a swords dancing Gyrados...


    Item: Anything you feel suitable

    Ability: Levitate

    Nature: +SpA -Atk

    Moves: Thunderbolt, Will-o-wisp, HP Fire/Overheat and Sunny Day/ Thunder Wave

    Special Sweeper: Sometimes your Physical Sweepers will come to a halt due a physical tank. Anything that does this is begging for death by Rotom....Thunderbolt is a VERY reliable move that can keel Flying and Water types with IMMENSE ease, Will-O-Wisp is useful in the fact that it provides a steady supply of damage AND cuts your targets attack in half. Overheat is immensely powerful but sharply lowers you SpA. This could be useful but HP Fire is safer and is also quite strong. Sunny Day will power up your fire moves but I will understand if Paralysing appeals to you more....


    Ability: Speed Boost

    Item: Focus Sash

    Nature: +Spe -Atk

    Moves: Swords Dance, Protect, Counter and Baton Pass

    Supporter: ALL BEHOLD THE BEST SUPPORTER IN THE GAME! NINJASK! Joking Aside Ninjask is an amazing support for your team. It will swords dance a couple of times, Protect itself to get is speed up through speed boost and will baton pass those boost to Gyrados/Garchomp and will step aside to let them wreck **** UP! Counter is just there because-Why not?

    Source(s): I'm a decent competive player...Any willing to fight me on Pokemon Showdown: My username is TheRefep
  • 6 years ago

    Hypothticly, this is the best usable team via stat-







    (Thank you, Serebii.)

    However, it's all about stratige. Find a Pokemon that works for you. Also, hypathacly, the best team could be of the Psuedo-Legendaires.







    However, you wanna space it out, with different types (Like what I did up there)

    Find the right Pokemon for YOU and you alone. The Rotom Trick-with-a-shitty-item-trick is really popular right now. I use it, actually. Devious, but useful.

    Source(s): I like pie.
  • 6 years ago

    This is what I recommend (with moveset):

    Slaking (Hammer Arm, Giga Impact, Earthquake, Ice Punch)

    Metagross (Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash, Thunderpunch, Psychic)

    Hydreigon (Crunch, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Surf)

    Dusknoir (Fire Punch, Earthquake, Brick Break, Shadow Punch)

    Aerodactyl (Fly, Iron Head, Fire Fang, Dragon Pulse)

    Blastoise (Earthquake, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Zen Headbutt)

    Hope you will enjoy them! ;)

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