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I am 14 and I live in Fresno,CA. I wanted to get a job, but i don't know what the legal age limit is?

I tried looking it up, but found different answers on every site. Can someone help me out?

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    'Lonestar..' is clueless about what a work permit is, which states require them and how you obtain them...

    for most non-hazardous, non-agricultural jobs it is 14.

    you can always do casual labor (working in a private home) such as



    house cleaning

    yard work

    running errands



    Click on the following link for information about child labor laws such as the number of hours allowed, when you can work, what jobs you can do, and which states require a work permit for minors:

    US Department of Labor


    for CA specific information:

    in general a minor 14 or older may be gainfully employed (work in a business location) such as an:


    Grocery store,

    Retail store,


    Movie Theater,

    Baseball Park,

    Amusement park, or

    Service/gas station (can NOT work in the garage area)

    Remember just because they legally can hire you does NOT mean they have to hire you or they will hire you. A lot depends on the employment outlook in your area, and the past luck (good or bad) the employer has had employing minors.

    Fast-food and grocery stores are willing and able to train new employees but...

    Minors tend to have many issues that affect their ability to work such as tardiness, absenteeism, and numerous schedule requests, poor work-ethic etcetera.

    I am NOT implying you will have those issues but the fact that many your age do makes it more difficult for you to get an opportunity to prove your worth.

    Most businesses are individually owned and operated so it is the owner’s policy and past experience with minors that will determine if they will hire you. Apply everywhere you can, the worse that can happen is they don't hire you.

    Businesses such as Publix, Kroger's, Food Lion, Sonic, Chic-Fill-A, McDonald's, Winn-Dixie, Krystal's, Dairy Queen, and Burger King along with smaller local businesses that are in the same genre tend to hire those your age.

    In MOST of the states that do require minors to have a work permit (NOT all do) you must have a job offer before you can get the permit, in MOST of these states the permit is employer specific (only good for the employer it is issued for)

    in CA this is the case; in CA you MUST have a written job offer that includes the jobs duties, and hours of operation.


    US Department of Labor YouthRules!

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    The legal age for employment across the US is 16. The only way to get around the age is with a work permit. In schools they call this work experience. You have to be in the program, you have to maintain a certain gpa, and you have to have a part-time job to be in the program naturally.

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