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what are the insects that affect plants?

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    Some insects eat plants, this can slow plants net growth. Some insects pollinate plants, this can help plants reproduce and help the overall population grow. Some insects decompose dead material, this can free up nutrients for plants to use. Some insect saliva can cause plants to grow faster, as a response to herbivory.

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    Well, there are a wide variety of insects that can and will affect a wide variety of plants, some relationships are specific while some are not. But let's just deal with the two broad categories of relationships between plants and insects.

    One such relationship is herbivory (phytophagy), a form of predation. A number of insects, such as Hymenopterans, Orthopterans, and Lepidopteran larvae, consume plant parts (leaves, sap, seeds, or roots) as food. This relationship often leads to predator-prey coevolution. One party (usually the plant) evolves so as to reduce or eliminate the “attacks” of the other party (usually the insect). The second party must then counteract these changes in the first party, so that it can more effectively attack it. The cycle then repeats.

    Another category would be mutualism between the insects and the plants. One very common example of this would be insect-assisted pollination, which aids in the plant's reproduction. Examples of such insects are adult Lepidopterans and Apoideans. Mutualistic coevolution can also occur with the two parties evolving in such a way that the effectiveness of the interaction between them is enhanced. In extreme cases the two partners may become completely dependent on each other (called an obligate mutualism).

    It is also interesting to note that coevolution may occur with a single plant species and a single insect species, or between a single plant species and a several insect species, or between a group of insect species and a group of closely-related plant species.

    Good luck and please do check the references for a more detailed discussion. :)

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    You have already identified them as "pests," so you know that the effects are not positive. Soil pests include nematodes, insect larvae "grubs," and insects themselves. Soil pests have a very negative effect on plant growth..........

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    snail affects plant .

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