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Can a 14 year old become emancipated in Pennsylvania?

Please tell me how can i?

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    I believe it is possible, however you need to have a good reason that will hold up in court, and you also have to show you have your own means of supporting yourself, meaning either that you have a job already or a family that is willing to support you away from your parents.

    I think the reason is most important, things like just arguing with them a lot wont be viable for emancipation. However, if you can show that your parents aren't taking care of you (like not getting you to school, not feeding you, or not clothing you, beating you, abusing you, etc.) Normally they wont let you emancipate though, they will simply decide that you will be put under someone else's guardian ship. I think the age 15 is a better age, since its easier to have a job at that age (if you even can, i think 16 is the general required age).

    If you are set on being emancipated then there are a few things you need to have then:

    1- Good reason(s) that will help you hold your argument,

    2- a job to support yourself, and

    3- at least some idea of where you are going to stay afterwards.

    I have to add though, I believe there is a mandatory education requirement in the state of Pennsylvania-- like until you are 17 years old -- But after that you are pretty much able to do what you want. hope this helps you and good luck!!! Hope things work out for you, and sorry this was such a long answer ^_^'

    Source(s): Im actually most likely on the way to becoming emancipated myself, though i live in arizona and am a little bit older than you. I believe the reason is the most important out of these three unless you can get your parents to readily agree to something like this then you HAVE to have a good reason. GOOD LUCK.
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    In Pennsylvania, there is no general statute on how a minor can be emancipated. Even if there was, you'd have no chance at the age of 14. You have no legal way of supporting yourself, even if you work full time. Emancipated minors still have to work under child labor laws.

    I know of only one state that allows minors to become emancipated as young as 14, and that's California, which is a special case because the kids who get emancipated generally are child stars who have enough money.

    It's very nearly impossible to get emancipated, even if you live in a state that has clearly defined regulations. There's no chance to get emancipated at 14 in PA. Just how do you expect to live? How do you expect to support yourself?

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    There is no real age at which you can become emancipated. As I understand it, it is a judge who decides if a minor should be emancipated.

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    do you have around $10,000 for legal fees? do you have a job that pays you enough to rent your own apartment, pay all the bills, buy your own groceries? no roommates, no one else helping you out? if so, then you should contact a lawyer and talk to them about this. of course if you were able to take of yourself in life, you would have already known that and done it on your own.

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    You could not even get your hands on the paperwork

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