What is a given name that means "lead by"?

Yes, "lead by". Not "leader". For example, the name Michael Lugh would mean "Leader of the Light", with Michael being of Hebrew origin and meaning "leader", and Lugh being of Gaelic origin and meaning "light". However, how would one go about forming a name that means "Lead BY the light" opposed to "Leader OF the light"? By the way, it doesn't necessarily have to contain the surname "light"; that was just the easiest example of which I could think.

*"Lead" with a short 'e' sound in case some of you were confused by the dual homophone/homonym.*

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    I think it's a pretty cool thing you're trying to do there. I did a little searching and unfortunately I couldn't find a single name meaning "lead by". Like you pointed out, there are several names containing the word "leader", but none meaning "led by". Sorry!


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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