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New appliance purchase for 5 year old item.?

I bought a Samsung refrigerator from Best Buy in 2009. It quit working and I pulled it out from the wall to take a look at it & to get the model # and there was also a date of manufacture of 4/2/2004 five years before I bought it! I felt cheated. It was either a bad selling model & set in a warehouse for five years or it was a reject.

Am I being picky or is this standard practice to sell things that old?

Is this standard that you can sell something

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    Yes they can do it to you. You bought it at a good price at an electronics store that does not sell a lot of appliances and now has gotten out of the business.

    Probably a bad selling model and you had a bad experience. Was it marked as a Open Box or something? then buyer beware.

    For appliances, I will tell anyone and everyone go to the Sears Outlet Stores and compare the models to the Consumer Reports Magazine(get free from your library) before you go to get a good rating. They move a lot of appliances so you will not have a model that old or I would be greatly surprised. They have great sales especially at their bigger stores in Carrollton and Allen. Trust me, I have bought convection ovens and great HE washer and dryers there and plan to get my next appliances there.

    P.S. Haggle a lot if you have cash or great credit. Have fun. God Bless

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    I feel for you, but if no one has used it, it is new. I would complain to best buy.

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    Look better next time.

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