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Lord Dunmore Proclamation of November 1775?

Now I read all about the Proclamation, and I know what it's about. Like how Dunmore wanted all the slaves to fight with him...I've read three different websites describing it to me. I have a question for my history class...

Why have modern historians studying the American revolution linked the Lord Dunmore proclamation of November 1775 and the unrest of which he hoped to take advantage to the decision to declare independence?

I just don't understand the last part. What does it mean "unrest of which he hoped to take advantage to declare independence"? Can someone please help?

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    Lord Dunmore expected a mass slave uprising. He got 800 blacks to sign up to be his soldiers in one month.

    "Perhaps more importantly, the British had come to see the value of their policy as economic warfare. By encouraging slaves to flee, they would strike at the plantation economy that supported the rebels. It also forced southern landowners to use their men to guard slaves instead of fight the British. Plantation owners like Jefferson and Washington formed the backbone of rebel financing, which was always a problem for the Patriots. By striking at their wealth and source of supplies it was felt that the enemy could be defeated conclusively"

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    Dunmore Proclamation

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