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How can I renew my expired Domain Name - - so I can keep business Emails active?

I have been paying $35/yr for my Domain name with American Express. But I canclled AMX and fogot that was how I was paying Yahoo for the Domain. I did not save the original Domain Password and do not seem to be able to renew my Domain. I need to change my Billing Info for future payments.

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    Hey David, sorry to hear you are having issues with the registration and billing for your domain. If you still had your normal login with the Yahoo! email address you originally signed up for services with, you can always manage your billing here:

    In this case where you do not remember your login, we will need to ask you some account security questions over the phone to provide you with the Yahoo! email for your service. You can send your account details to:

    Or of course if you do end up remembering your login info but still need to speak to us over the phone, here is the normal contact page you can use:

    We hope this helps and good luck!

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    Give them another billing credit card, I suppose you forgot the DNS server (that every 2 year) as well?

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    Why pay for a domain when you can have a free one

    You can sign up for your own free account here:

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