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How fast do turtles grow?

Hey all. So i am planning on getting either a Red ear Slider, Yellow belly slider, Or Mississippi map turtle very soon but before i do i must know what size tank to get. So i want to know if, since the ones im getting are hatchlings, should i get a small tank and gradually get bigger as they grow? Or do turtles grow fast enough that i need to get the full size tank right away.

Bassically will my turtle grow so fast that i need to buy new tanks all the time or should i just get one that ik will fit an adult turtle (this will take longer since i need to get the money).

So how fast do turtles grow?

Thanks :)

P.S. Should i get a bigger tank than is required if i plan to have fish in the tank with the turtle (if she/he dosn't eat it haha) .Thanks

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    For turtles I would just go after the adult size tank, as constantly upgrading tank sizes waste a lot of cash that can be put to better use. Either that or, you can start with a 50 gallon long aquarium til your turtle is 4", identify the gender, and buy your adult size aquarium from there.

    Growth speed differs from turtle to turtle, it's general overall care, what it was fed and how much. Overfeeding causes may kidney issues, pyramiding, and an oversized turtle.

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    Part of your problem is that you can't tell which sex you have, at least not safely. All three kinds are sexually dimorphic, with the females much larger than the males. If money is a problem (isn't it always?), you could start with a 50 or 55-gallon tank. This will be fine for the life of a male map turtle but would have to be replaced for anything else. Or you could start with a plastic wading pool, which would last longer for the other turtles. Much cheaper.

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