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AltF4 asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 7 years ago

US History help please? :)?

1. Between 1790 and 1840, the U.S. population moved from (5 points)

the North to the South.

the Atlantic coast to the areas between the Appalachians and the Mississippi.

New England to California

the Old Northwest back to New England.

the Pacific Northwest back to the Great Plains.

2. Who wrote Democracy in America? (5 points)

Frederick Jackson Turner

Alexis de Tocqueville

Gustave de Beaumont

George Stevenson

James Fenimore Cooper

3. Andrew Jackson's comment, "John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it", is in reference to: (5 points)

Destroying the National Bank.

The South Carolina nullification crisis.

Disregarding Chief Justice Marshall's ruling in Gibbons v. Ogden.

Moving the Cherokees from Georgia to The Indian Territory.

Jackson's use of the presidential veto.

4. After the Panic of 1819, all of the following conclusions could be made except (5 points)

banks could not be trusted.

American industries had to be protected against foreign competition.

farmers had become entrepreneurs.

farmers had become dependent on distant markets over which they had little control.

fand speculation could be financially risky.

5. What was the first major canal project in the United States? (5 points)

the Blackstone Canal

the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

the Panama Canal

the Connecticut and Berkshire Canal

the Erie Canal

6. What did the doctrine of separate spheres suggest? (5 points)

Children and parents should not mingle.

Men were superior in worldly pursuits, and women were superior for their moral influence.

Moral issues were to be determined by the church, while economic issues were to be determined by the family.

Business affairs were best conducted in the factory and the office, and workers had no role in making decisions.

All of the above.

7. During the antebellum period, the American political system (5 points)


became more nationalistic in its goals.

became more democratic.

came under the control of a business elite.

came to look more and more like the British system.

8. Why did President Jackson veto the bill that would have provided funding for a road in Kentucky? (5 points)

The bill did not provide enough money for his own state.

He opposed federal funding of internal improvements.

He preferred to support steamboat lines.

He believed it would benefit his political opponents rather than his own party.

The governor of Kentucky objected to the road.

9. Which section of the country tended to oppose tariffs? (5 points)

New England

The West

The South

Middle Atlantic states

Pacific Coast

10. The tariff controversy of the early 1830's showed that (5 points)

the nation was united in the pursuit of economic nationalism.

Andrew Jackson was too stubborn to compromise on matters of high principle.

the nation faced serious and growing sectional pressures in the years ahead.

Henry Clay could never be elected president.

the West had growing political and economic power.


11. What was one of the reasons why Andrew Jackson vetoed the rechartering of the Bank of the United States? (5 points)

The bank prevented state banks from lending money.

It refused to accept deposits of federal revenue.

It was a private monopoly run by a privileged few.

Its president constantly meddled in national politics.

It had been secretly purchased by Baring Bank of London.

12. What were pet banks? (5 points)

State banks that were preferred by Nicholas Biddle

Branches of the Bank of the United States in states hostile to Andrew Jackson

State banks chosen by President Jackson to be depositories of federal money

Banks owned by members of the Whig party

Foreign banks that lent capital to American mill owners

13. What is the difference between hard money and soft money? (5 points)

Hard money is difficult to acquire.

Hard money is specie like gold or silver, while soft money is paper.

Soft money is issued for only a specified number of months.

Hard money has

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    This looks like a test. I'm not helping you.

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