Double lutz jump tips?

I finally got the snap on my double lutz today. Here it is:

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What can I change or think of to get better height and a clean, smooth landing?

Thank you!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You actually flutzed that a bit; I had to slow it down and watch frame by frame, but you flipped to an inside edge when you picked.

    It's definitely something you should be going over with your coach, but the one recommendation I would have would be to get a bit more power in the jump. Get a little more speed going in, and get a bit more knee bend to help you to get more lift. The ending will be cleaner when you get the full rotation; you cheated the landing quite a bit. Mostly, you just need more practice, but also getting help from your coach will make a big difference.

    Also, I love your skirt; it's so pretty!

  • 7 years ago

    Sorry I can't answer this, but random thing I love watching your videos! I have been subscribed for the past 2 months!

    Source(s): I'm addicted to YouTube -.- lol
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