OVERLY friendly exchange student? Is he up to no good?

I'm a university senior taking a 5 week summer chemistry class.

It's the second week of class, and I don't know when he showed up, there's now this guy who sits next to me. He's better at chem than i am, so during class hes shown me how to do some problems. we joked about one thing this afternoon.

He showed up at the study session led by the TA this afternoon. After I got there, he moved across the room, from where he was sitting with his friend, to sit next to me. Again, no talking, just did this. He asked if I wanted to study before the exam. I said sure. He gave me his phone number, then texted me, and asked if I'd want to meet at a coffee shop to go thru the material. He said quote "I'm going to try hard to make sure we both do well on the next exam." He also asked if I needed a ride to the coffee shop, which I refused. I was stunned. He's a couple years younger than me (maybe 19).

Nothing he's said had been creepy, but I'm definitely confused. Generally the middle eastern exchange students I've met don't even talk to American women, let alone try to tutor them for free in chemistry.

Is he just a really nice guy? Or is he up to no good? Should I be suspicious?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Relax. He seems to like you but perhaps doesn't quite know how to ask you out at this point, and that's it. Just because other "Middle Eastern" students generally don't socialize with American women (according to your observation) doesn't mean that this guy should not. I think it's great that he is associating with different kinds of American people, and that will help him fit in more. Just be his friend and go with the flow. If you really feel that he is suspicious for some reason, no one is forcing you to hang out with him. But again, I think he just likes you and might be trying to figure out how you feel.

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