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Are there any ethics/morals or law involved in the work of the Crown prosecution Service?

Do the Crown Prosecution Service have ethics/morals and do they work within law?

I'm a little confused because it seems a Chief prosecutor in Nottinghamshire ignores law and has no ethics what so ever: The Police initially chose not to submit damning evidence against two men, one who had driven a van directly at me and the other who had threatened to cut my throat with a stanley knife the police found on his person.

The Police never submitted the file.

I have made complaint and it seems that even if the Police submit the file now- it will not be classed as fresh evidence and Anne McCarroll will still not prosecute these men.

She has a 100% chance of successful prosecution and it is in the interest of the public to deter the arrogance and disregard for the law that both men possess.

I have no doubts in my mind that something is wrong and in my perception it makes the Chief Inspector and the Chief Inspector corrupt- what do you think? Obviously there may be more to this story such as Mr harris being known by our agencies or even affiliated with them in some professional aspect but it still does not give him the right to drive a van at me or stand by whilst his son tells me he is going to cut my throat.


Clive: you certainly don't understand law in the way you speak and you are confrontational- the police have admitted negigence and are still withholding the truth from the CPS (proven by the CI's report- I will get a prosecution eventually- I don't want to sue the police- i want the perps prosecuted- this is not ranting- I'm looking for ways around what I deem as corruption.

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    Perhaps you should contact an attorney to help you with this situation.

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    I've told you before, nobody can give an opinion without seeing the actual papers. And it is getting boring seeing you use Yahoo! Answers to vent your frustrations.

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