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What is the difference between Hydraulic Gate Closer Vs Spring Gate Closer?

I’m looking for gate closer for my door anyone can tell me what is the difference between Spring Gate Closer Vs Hydraulic Gate Closer.

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    Door closer adjustment is an art that requires knowledge, patience, and a wrench, hex key or screwdriver. To adjust the door closer, use a step ladder to reach the door closer. Examine the closer. If you cannot see the adjustment screws, the closer has a cover. If you see no fasteners holding the cover, the cover is held by tension. Pull it off. If you do see fasteners, loosen, do not remove, the fasteners and the cover will slide off. The adjustment screws are marked or there will be a diagram inside the cover. Start with no more than 1/8 of a turn of the adjustment screw clockwise, and counter-clockwise to speed it up. Then test the door.

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    I have started this 3 times now. What kind of door are you attempting to close?

    A spring closer uses a small chain attached to door and jamb with a spring in the middle to help pull the door closed. I have found the spring closer to be a dangerous item since it can come undone under force and hit the user in the face.

    Hydraulic systems use liquids in the transfer of forces. its a slower and smoother motion. A hydraulic door closer uses a fluid to help close your door. Much like the pneumatic closer on your screen door.

    I hope this helps you out somewhat. Good luck. M

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    I think Hydraulic Gates Closers basically for heavy or commercial gates because they are very heavy. Spring Gate Closers are small in size and light weight use in residential doors.

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    Hydraulic has a oil filled piston and rod assembly, Spring a long coil to pull back the door

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    one is a shock like on your car and one is a spring the hydraulic can be used on a wrought iron door to close it which normally are the spring is used for a small wooden to medium duty gate ..

    Source(s): handyman i install a hydraulic shock on security doors and the spring on the gates
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