Hosting a foreign exchange student?

I really want to host an exchange student for the upcoming school year. My mom is hesitant to say yes due to last summer when my friend, whom I've known since I was a baby, came to stay with us for a month. We got a long, but near the end we were sick of each other. She's afraid this will happen again. I do not think it will because the two of us could not hang out with anyone else and we didn't have anything to do last summe, also we were very close and treated each other like sisters. Is this true? What can I do to convince my mom. Also, if you could give me any information at all in convincing her that this is a good idea, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 7 years ago
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    How wonderful it is that are considering opening your hearts and home to someone from another country! My husband and I have hosted 8 students (so far) and found it to be the best thing we've decided to do.

    I wish that I could guarantee that you and the student would get along just fine, but I can't do that. However, there will several things different about hosting a student than having your friend visit for a month. First, it is intended that the student will become a member of your family - he/she will be a son/daughter to your parent(s) and a brother/sister to you. Students are also screened "back home" and are, typically, the best their area has to offer.

    I suspect that your mother felt a little taken advantage of (I may be completely wrong). A foreign exchange student will not do that. If he/she does, you have a family meeting and him/her to stop. You'll have a program volunteer to help you do that.

    I believe hosting a student during the school year will also give you a stronger chance of success -- you will have your life and the student will have his/her life. It's great when the two overlap, but they don't have to do that very much - just like any other two siblings.

    I suggest really thinking about WHY you want to host and then have a family meeting. Everyone will need to be "on-board". Be ready to accept an answer of No -- only your family can decide if hosting is "right" for you.

    Good luck to you! Feel free to email me if you have more questions.

    Source(s): I am an 8-time host mom and volunteer with YFU USA For More Information: 1-866-4YFU-USA Question and Answer Handout: Videos: YFU USA's YouTube channel: Hosting (1min) Hosting (16min) "Thanks Mom" Video (1:24) YFU History (6min Video): Virtual Information Nights Volunteering:
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    living with someone like a friend will turn out horrible again. my family rents out the basement and i hated all of them. this time, someone my age(16) came in and i hate her so much. at first i didnt know her and i really liked her. after a few months, my whole family hated her. shes very loud in the morning and wakes my family up. and she brings like 5 people to our house everyday and they are all loud. but we cant tell her to leave because she needs to live for at least one year. this happened to me like 5 times. people change at home and later your friend will be annoying but you cant tell her to leave. because she will get mad at you.

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