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How can I stop being so depressed?

Before making this question, I looked up easy ways to die. I realize I really need the help. I don't WANT to be so angry and upset.

Last year, my mother and I got into a fight which resulted in her slapping me across the cheek with a plastic comb. I went to school crying and late. I ended up telling a school counselor and we had to get Department of Children and Families involved to avoid any harm to me. I was in a dangerous state and had gone to the point of planning my death.

My parents and I always had some toxic in our relationship. We love eachother dearly, but things just get unbearably sometimes.

I recently went to FL with a close family friend and her parents. When I came back, my dad and his friends were drunk in the kitchen. again. Needless to say, I got upset and told him off. We've been on hostile terms ever since.

Just about half an hour ago, I walked into the kitchen and sure enough, my dad and his friends were drinking. I yelled twice to don't drink too much, obviously annoyed. My mom overheard me and called me into her room, lecturing me. I started to tear up. I'm not the type of kid who is open towards other people, especially my elders or parentz or adults in general.

I went back into my room and BOTH my parents came into my room to lecture me. Dad went away and then Mom stayed longer to lecture me, which made me cry even more though i had my gaze on my laptop to seem like I was fine. She told me to wash my face and sleep. I washed and went into my room. I kind of just lost it at this point. I broke down and cried. My mother came into my room, completely aware that I was sincerely hurf. She cried a little and we hugged while she told me she was just trying to discipline me and she loves me.

There's more, but basically, I just need help and support. I'm scared of making a stupid, permanent decision. I can't find comfort in anything the stars, music, and my friends. I'm really scared right now. I'm only 13, shouldn't I be happy?

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    You honestly should be happy, ive gone and still am going through stuff exactly like what your going through. And no offense to your mother, but if your dad gets drunk and violent, she shouldnt be sitting in her room letting it happen. And i get that you care about your dad, but the best option is to let your dad drink. I know that sounds horrible, but you should talk to him when hes sober not when hes full of alccohol. He wont change unless you have a full heart to heart talk to him when hes completely sober. Even at that though he still might not change. If things get worse, your best option is to move out, go stay with a family member or a friends house. You need to get out of that negative situation because its obvious that its not healthy for you. Its scary, I know what your going through, honestly i do. I get the pain and depression you feel. And your only option is to get dcf back there to help your dad, talk throughly with your dad and mom, or move out. Take it step by step, have a full heart talk with your parents about EVERYTHING! Even about the depression and suicidal thoughts, the drinking, and not feeling secure at home.im going to tell you now, it will be the hardest thing you will have to do in your life. I swear its hard, and painful, but you will feel 100% better afterwards. The world has been lifted off your shoulders? Yup that feeling but twice as good. Things will get better, but you need to start the chances. Sucicide is never the answer, trust me, your too young to give up on life now. If you ever need to talk more, you can contact me and il give you my email.

    Source(s): A homeless person whos gone through a lot of crap.
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    Contradicting what Poopinmyeye said, depression can simply be treated by taking some SSRIs. These drugs are said to be Serotonin Synapse Re-uptake Inhibitors. You are depressed because of an in-balance of neurotransmitters in your brain or specifically in the synapse. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in charge of mood, low amounts make you depressed while high amounts raise your mood to where you are fine or happy. There are also Dopamine Re-uptake drugs since dopamine is also in charge of regulating mood and movement innovations for the termination of depression. Ask your doctor about SSRIs and the influence of neurotransmitters on mood and behavior.

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    You need to go to the hospital and tell them your mentally unstable and you need medication and you should talk to them bout getting a councler.

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