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Before this gets deleted...?

Should I watch Criminal Minds, or Gilmore Girls?

BQ: What was the last thing you watched? (video/movie/TV)


I'm really very indifferent...

Update 2:

ʄaçade She's actually in her late 20s playing a teen. Weird, huh?

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    Which one as a cute Korean Drummer? That is the right one.

    Added regarding Keiko Agena:

    No, that is not weird at all. MANY times teenager roles are played by 20-something actors. There are two main reasons for this. (1) Actors who are MINORS trigger a whole big bunch of extra laws in California (Hollywood) that involve child labour laws and education laws. High school age and younger require the studios to provide on-set tutors for various subjects. Other adult supervision is also mandated. Plus, there are extra limits on the number of hours per day that the actor is permitted to work. (2) Freaking parents.

    Once the actor is 18 or older, things become suddenly MUCH simpler and cheaper.

    More worrisome and more important, is the problem of on-screen drum time. For some BIZARRE reason, Drummers are not permitted to be shown on the screen ACTUALLY playing the drum kit on track with the sound track for more than a few seconds per show. This is apparently NOT a California law, per se, but some kind of Satanic Communist plot against Drummers. <Patriarchy!>

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    I've watched and enjoyed both shows. If you are looking for a crime drama I would watch Criminal Minds. If you are looking for a Comedy/Drama show then I would watch Gilmore Girls. I enjoy both shows for different reasons but my personal preference is Criminal Minds because I am into crime shows. I didn't care for the first two seasons as much as I liked the other seasons after that.

    To answer your other question the last thing I watched that was a TV show was Under The Dome. It has just started recently on CBS and airs on Mondays and it seems pretty good so far but it's not my favorite.

    If you need recommendations for shows I would suggest Sherlock, American Horror Story, Perception, Bones or Supernatural (I don't normally like paranormal/supernatural type shows but this one is pretty good). Those are dramas that have to do somewhat crime or killing and could be considered psychological thrillers. If you like comedy's I would suggest shows like New Girl or Raising Hope. If you like aliens then Falling Skies is a really good show.

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    I am not a fan of Television so I don't know what Glimore Girls is.

    I do know I like Criminal Minds though.

    BQ: It was a documentary about dogs. It even got some wolves in there eventually on the differences between them and dogs on pets and such. The dogs seemed to be more dependent on the human and the wolf was more independent. It was quite a decent difference to.

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    7 years ago

    Criminal Minds

    BQ: A video on the Virginia State elections on YT.

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  • 7 years ago

    criminal minds.

    last thing i watched was Django and it was epic.

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