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Can someone verify this build?

I need someone to look over this build I worked on all day and make sure parts are compatible and will fit together. I want to avoid any bottle-necking or one part being to slow to allow another part to run at maximum capacity. I couldn't even figure out if 750Watts was enough for this build...

Thank you in advanced!



Graphics Card:



Hard Drive:





These are all very good answers! Thanks guys! I don't know who to Best-Answer, but I'll definitely look into getting better RAM...

I'm building this PC for live-streaming and graphic intensive gaming.

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    8 years ago
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    Everything looks good except your choice of ram. Not that it won't work but it is slow for what is otherwise a fairly kick-*** computer. You should get at least 1600. Also, you would be better off with 2 four gig modules than 4 two gig modules ( less power consumption, less parts to go bad, slots for available upgrading simply by adding more memory rather than replacing what you have.) Then their is the question of why you are buying separate ram at all, as the motherboard you list currently says that as a special 8 gigs of ram would be included free with purchase.

    It will work, but I would fix the ram issue and, as the other gentleman suggested, get a good aftermarket cooler.

  • 8 years ago

    750 watt is fine, GPU needs at least 600 wattage. If you're worried then you can always ramp up to 1000 wattage. Make sure to get after market cooling cause I don't see any aftermarket heatsink ect for your overclocking (assuming you are cause you got z77 board and K series CPU)

    Woops did not even notice as the guy said below me get at least 1600 Mhz, also Cosair vengeance is very good

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