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My arms hurt after bicep curls?

2 days ago I went to the gym, for the first time in 4 months, so I did 1 hour of cardio not bad, then After I finished doing cardio, I did bicep curls 4 sets of 8 reps I finished and my arms felt weak but I was like "what do you expect 4 months without doing any weights" i got home drank whey protein, took a cold shower and went to sleep. the next day I felt extreme pain in my arms and I cant even make my arms straight because of the pain, i have not went to the gym since then, so is this normal? How long will it take for the pain to stop? What should i do to make my arms feel better?

Thank you so much

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    It is normal and you should have started easy and worked your way up the pain should pass in a few days. Next time start with lower weights and gradually work your way up. 4 sets of eight reps after a four month lay off I would hrt like H too

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    Lay off the whey protein. If you want protein, actually eat the food, not the chemical drinks.

    You could have a medical condition or you could be working out too much.

    Please see a doctor at a clinic or urgent care. We are not medically trained and neither is the internet.

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