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Transportation from Paris Beauvais to Paris city centre and back?

I'll be traveling to France shortly, and arriving at Paris Beauvais airport. I've been looking up options on how to get to Paris from this airport and the best option seems to be an airport bus that takes you to Porte Maillot, where you can then get the metro into the centre of Paris. On the date of departure this bus will meet you at Porte Maillot three hours before your flight and take you back to the airport. I need to know if this bus is still in service as the couple of sites from which I found this information are three to four years old. Does anyone who has recently traveled via Paris Beauvais know about this service or of any other transport options? My flight for leaving France is at 9:30am, and as the airport is quite a distance from the city I'm worried about finding transportation that will allow me to make this flight.

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    Hi Holly!

    I live in England and Recently flew From Manchester to Beauvais. I can clear up your transfer issue with regards to getting to Paris.

    The best way of getting to Paris, is indeed via the shuttle bus service.

    Yes, the shuttle service from Beauvais Airport to Paris (and back) still exists! I doubt they could afford to axe that service given the amount of Ryanair passengers using Beauvais airport as a gateway to Paris...But yes the route is still in action!

    It's a direct non-stop journey and get's you to Paris in 1hr15min.

    The coaches leave regularly (Roughly every 20mins from early morning til 22.00 at night), all passengers are conveyed. The journey cost is 16euro per person/ per way. You can buy a return ticket from the transfer counter at Beauvais or in porte malliot (Paris) Do note...They is no discount for a return ticket, you just have to pay the price for 2 singles.

    When you arrive at Porte Malliot coach terminal in Paris, they is a RER station called Neuilly Porte Malliot within walking distance (The RER is part of the Paris metro, just like the DLR is part of the London underground) To get to this RER station walk to the front of the Palais de congress (Big opera theatre you see from the coach park, google it before you leave so you have an idea of what to look for) then with your back to the entrance of the opera theatre look left; you will see a small pale ''Avis'' car hire building. Head towards it - the RER metro is in that building.

    Return Journey from Paris to Beauvias...Don't worry about an early flight, coaches leave Porte Malliot as early as 5.20am and run every 20mins after that. It's a very well run shuttle service to be honest!

    Hope that helps, enjoy Paris


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    Paris Beauvais To Paris

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    The bus (shuttle) is the best option, check the link below, it's Beauvais airport website. The bus costs 16€ one way. The other option would be to take a bus to Beauvais train station and then a train to Paris but this takes longer, is more complicated and costs the same. There are cabs too but, of course, cost more expensive.

    Verify how far your hotel is from Porte Maillot since you must take the bus by 6:15 AM, you may need to take a cab from your hotel to Porte Maillot.

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    I would recommend booking the shuttle from Beauvais airport. The cheapest I could find was They took us to apartment's doors for €20 per person. Check-in at airport was quick and easy. The driver was helpful.

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    Well I arrived at the airport took a bus and arrived in like 25 minutes.

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