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Playstation Plus 30 day free trial…?

Ok, kind of a long story... Well on July 12th, 2013 playstation sent me an email via yahoo, asking me if I wanted to try ps plus for free.. Well being a guy that plays playstation a lot I was soo excited!! So I clicked on the email and it clearly said... "Get 18 games or free with your 10 day membership".. Basically the only catch in this was that there was 12 ps3 games and 6 Vita games.. So I went on the playstation store and typed in the code sent to me on my email and to my surprise the little ps store bubble thingy for purchases pops up and tells me that I have a voucher for a 30 day ps plus trial!! And so I clicked on it and ps plus wanted a credit card so that if I don't cancel the subscription within 30 days ( so like the 29th day ) then I would be paying like $5-$6 bucks a month... Well to me it's totally understandable because netflix did the same for their 30 day trial and now I'm still paying for it many years after.. My parents told me u can get the trial as long as its free and I have to remember when the day comes up to cancel it.. In this situation I'm usually very confident but I keep on remembering that the original email said 10 days!!! And 10 days makes sense because at the bottom of the email it says that the offer expires on the 20th of July 2013.. It makes sense because 10 days after the 20th will take you to the last day of the month... And there's new games out on ps plus every Monty and the trial only wants me to try out the games for this month only.. ( do u see what I mean???). I have looked up on google.." Ps plus 30 day trial".. And all I get was this offer in the UK from since February. On psn I changed my comment to " ps plus 30 days free" and 3 of my friends are asking me how.. So it seems to me that none of my friends got it yet.. Anyways what should I do?? Should I just get the trial then on the ninth or tenth day just cancel it or should I just wait until the 29th day then cancel it.. Thanks in advance for ur answers!!!!!!!!!

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    8 years ago
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    You don't have to wait until the end to cancel -- if you cancel the renewal right now, you still get all the days they said you would.

    All those games you get for free as part of the trial will stop working if you don't renew, though. They'll start working again if you renew again at any time in the future. The renewal fees are either $50 per year, or $18 for 3 months -- there's no monthly billing (yet).

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    8 years ago

    well you only get to play the FREE games that ps plus gives you for however long that you have the subscription. so basically, say you get BO2 for free from ps plus. as soon as the subscription ends, you would no longer have it. however, this does not apply for games that you buy. so say that you can get Far Cry 3 with a 10 percent discount using ps plus. that game will not go away when the subscription does. id say get it ASAP

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  • 6 years ago me ifok to asksome your kind helpdo you have some extra code so i can play i got ps vita but i dont haveany game..plz..anyone are kind to help me i am from the phillippines..god nless you

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