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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (Soccer)English Football (Soccer) · 8 years ago

Anyone picked a fantasy team on the PL website yet?

And is anyone thinking about playing the new paid game? Not many details yet but it's a 25 man squad with £160m to spend. Nice...

My team in the regular game has Navas at the moment. I'm a big fan of his as a player but I'm not sure he's a worthwhile fantasy player as it's all about goals and assists. He may well get plenty of the latter but he's not a big goalscorer generally. At £9m perhaps I could find a player with more scoring potential. Sometimes I make the mistake of picking my favourite players rather than the players likely to score well - it's a bias thing.


PF - they have Negredo now as well. Good points on Navas as his direct game will be very beneficial and he will be supplying better finishers than for most of his time at Sevilla (well, he will be supplying Negredo again too).

RVP is good but even in his best seasons he goes on goal droughts. Really don't think he's worth that - isn't it the same as Ronaldo used to cost? Would much rather have Bale at £2m less with easier starting fixtures and a point more per goal as a MF compared to a FW. In saying that, at present I have neither of them. Last time I looked 52% of teams had Bale lol.

yep, I have Aguero too. A tactic of mine is always to have 2 players from the same club in mf/attack as they often set each other up so it's a good tactic. I will show you my provosional team soon.

It should be an exciting start to the season anyway.

Update 2:

"A tactic of mine is always to have 2 players from the same club in mf/attack as they often set each other up so it's a good tactic"

To clarify, I generally do this with one club while the other six of my eight midfielders/attackers are from separate clubs.

Update 3:

Nah, not final I don't think, but it would be highly unlikely if it didn't go through. I'm not really sure he's an upgrade on Dzeko personally. I do like Negredo but he's one of my lesser rated Spanish players. Hopefully he does well anyway, he probably will with the supply he has (assuming he starts).

Fair points about RVP. Yeah, they have overhauled the BP so that defensive players will have more of a chance to attain them now. Tbh they'd probably be best scrapping them completely - they're a subjective criteria in what should really be a quantitative game. They annoy most people lol.

The thing about the Bale differential is if he underperforms you can steal a march on half the players, but if he does well and you don't have him you're playing catch-up - it's a risky decision but could reap big rewards.

I missed Hazard at the start of last season as well, and was annoyed. Swansea look a good team again - I have Bony in my team right now, alt

Update 4:

Sio Mo Guy - hahaha that's always the thing.

I don't support a PL club so I don't have any obligations to select or not select any clubs' players, but I do have my favourites who I pick and can't resist, even if they're perhaps not suited to the fantasy game.

Update 5:

Yep, we have to be ruthless.

That's a conincidence as I picked Bony too lol. I looked at Lambert originally but went with him.

Lukaku is the same price as Bony and if he starts for Chelsea will be going straight into my team.

Update 6:

PF - sorry, it cut some of my submission off above. I was gonna say that I'd change Bony to Lukaku possibly.

Update 7:

PF - yeah, I look on fantasy football cheat from time to time, just to see patterns and see if there's something I haven't considered. But yeah, best to make our own decisions.

Something which heavily influenced many late last season was the so-called 'magic five' - Fellaini, Walcott, Michu, Mata and Bale in midfield. Everyone started playing 352.

Update 8:

"reckon Bale will probably bang in a goal or two against Palace though, at least if he fails you can 'downgrade' fairly easily. Bony looks like he might be a success, though a certain Alves does tell a cautionary tale."

True aboot Bale. Indeed about Bony, but he might take the league by storm. He looks good from what I have seen and Swansea play nice football.If I knew Lukaku was a certain starter he'd be in my team in a heartbeat though - £8m for a guy like him with a line of three like that supplying. Bargain.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I'm interested to see how Aguero will fare under Pellegrini. Could well be a productive season for him if he can stay fit, and given the opening run of fixtures he seems to be much better value than RVP, who I can't believe they've priced at 14. Depends on how they intend to use Dzeko. Navas may well be better suited to the PL than he was to La Liga actually, pace in abundance and a good delivery so he may well rack up the assists.

    Edit: Oh is that final now? Still, I think it raises more questions, particularly regarding Pellegrini's comments about Dzeko recently. Whoever he is supplying though as you say, he'll probably be a good fantasy player.

    I am loathe to leave RVP out, he does go on droughts but he does chip in with plenty of assist points and bonus points (though they've overhauled that I see). It's tempting to have Bale purely to keep pace with everybody else. I made the mistake of not having Hazard at the start of last season, and was playing catch up from thereon in. I think Palace and Swansea are pretty tempting fixtures.

    I've got my provisional team sorted to the point where I think I think it would be a shame to omit any of them so excepting transfers I think I'm ready.

    reckon Bale will probably bang in a goal or two against Palace though, at least if he fails you can 'downgrade' fairly easily. Bony looks like he might be a success, though a certain Alves does tell a cautionary tale.

    Know exactly what you guys are talking about when it comes to favourites, I can't stand the thought of a generic fantasy football cheat site team either. If you ever visit those places, they all seem to feed off each other and get the group to pick their team for them. Sure, you'll probably get a top 10k ranked team like that but where's the achievement in that? I'd rather take risks and make my own decisions. I prefer the Metro and UEFA games because of that in some respects, they aren't talked about all that much and you see diversity in team selection because of it.

  • 8 years ago

    Not made mine yet, Going to have a big think about it as last time I let my heart pick the players not my Brain haha, Needless to say I didn't do great :P

    Lol Same I support Liverpool so I picked 3 from their (Not the greatest of ideas) and then players I liked and who plays nice football but as you know that doesn't get you any points :P I'm thinking bony will be a good player to have but as I said really going to think about it don't want to be last against my mates again haha

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