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speeech on drugs abuse in nepal?

i have to present the speech on drug abuse in nepal

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  • 7 years ago
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    the web page (below) presents: Drug abuse high among +2 boys: Report


    KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Although the involvement of females in drug abuse has been increasing remarkably, the greatest number of drug users in Kathmandu are male students of 10+2, according to a research report.

    Unveiling the findings of a six-month study at a function in the capital on Wednesday, the Narcotic Control Bureau, an anti-drug unit under the Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the 10+2 generation consumes the most narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

    According to police Inspector Ghanashyam Shrestha, about 31 percent of the abusers are 10+2 students, whereas 28 percent belong to the under-SLC level, 22 percent to SLC level and only 19 percent to bachelor´s level.

    Inspector Shrestha said that 35 percent of drug abusers in Kathmandu are using pharmaceutical drugs, most of them have been into drug abuse since the last one to two years, 23 percent are abusing heroin and 11 percent abuse marijuana and hashish.

    The report also shows that 33 percent use syringes and another 33 percent take drugs orally.

    He said, “Students from rich families tend to account for the highest number of those involved in drug abuse because of excessive financial allowance given to them by their parents.”

    According to the report, 30 percent of the parents of drug abusing children are office-holders, 25 percent are businesspersons, 21 percent farmers, 11 percent are engaged in labor and the rest are in other callings.

    The report also focused on the finding that a majority of the youths involved are inclined to criminality, and suffer from blood-borne infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

    Drug abusers with high dependency on pharmaceuticals and heroin are comparatively fewer than those in the dependent category, and nearly 2 kg of heroin is consumed in Kathmandu per week, according to the research.

    The estimated number of current drug users is 46,309, including 42,954 males and 3,356 females, and among these, about 23,000 use hard drugs.

    The reports also states that various uncontrolled pharmaceuticals such as Avil, Spasmo, Fenargan, Corex, Nitrojesic and Norejesic are found to be used frequently by abusers who mix them with controlled pharmaceuticals like diazepam, buprenorphine and nitrozepam, to enhance the effect.

    Among drug abusers, 19.7 percent had their first drug intake when they were below 15 years of age, 53.4 percent began between 15 and 19 years and 18.2 percent began between 20-24, while 8.7 percent had their first drug intake when they were above 24.

    Similarly, 23.9 percent use drugs once a day, 42.8 percent use them twice daily and 33.4 percent go for it more than two times a day.

    The study revealed that Kalanki is the hot spot where most abusers receive their drugs. Baneshwor, Ramhiti, Koteshwor, Chabahil, Kumarigal, Baudda, Basantapur and Naya Buspark are also locations where they received drugs. The study shows that 30% take drugs in the quest for extreme happiness, 44 % do so due to frustration, and 26% due to agony and tension.

    And 98% learn to take drugs under the influence of colleagues while only 2% learn to do it from movies.

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