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Loophole must be plugged in anti-DUI campaign

The government has shown determination to crack down on drunk driving, although some technical issues need to be addressed. Taiwan is now in-line with the globe’s toughest laws against drunk driving. Two cans of beer can land you in jail for up to two years.

Perhaps a number of motorists do not believe the government is serious about clamping down on drunk driving. Or they believe they will be lucky and avoid being stopped by police. Or they simply lose their judgment after a few drinks.

Two university students - a brother and sister - were killed after being run over by a forestry official who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol in Taitung. This came after the revised anti-drunk-driving laws came into effect last week.

An elementary school principal in Taipei has become a disgrace to the educational sector following his arrest on drunk-driving charges. Apart from the possible jail term, he stands to lose his job and his pension.

And dozens of other motorists nationwide have been caught in anti-drunk-driving inspections.

The freshly implemented laws, however, have a “loophole” that may let the rich off the hook. Those drunk drivers that voluntarily submit to a breathalyzer test may have to go to jail and be left with a criminal record. Those that refuse the test, can avoid the incriminating results, suffering instead a possible heavy fine — NT$90,000.

Many drunk motorists have simply refused to take the test and are happy to pay the fine in lieu of going to jail.

To plug the loophole, the National Policy Agency (NPA) has issued a directive, authorizing local police to arrest any driver resisting the breathalyzer test and run mandatory blood tests after obtaining approval from prosecutors.

A driver who refused to do the test was arrested on Tuesday night and forced to take a blood test. He exceeded legal limits, the tests showed. He has been indicted on a charge of endangering public safe

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    反酒駕修訂法在上星期才上路,就發生了兩位大學生 -- 一對兄妹, 被一位台東山林管理員酒後駕車撞死的事件。







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    兩所大學的學生 - 一個弟弟和妹妹 - 被殺死正在運行後,由林業官員據稱駕駛酒精的影響下,在台東的。這是修改後的反酒後駕車的法律生效上週。



    新鮮實施的法律,然而,有一個“漏洞”,可以讓豐富打爆。那些醉酒的司機自願提交酒精測試,可能會去坐牢,留下犯罪記錄。那些拒絕測試,可避免有罪的結果,而不是遭受可能的高額罰款 - NT $90,000。




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