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What to do for the rest of the Knicks offeason?

1.Next signing get Nate Robinson

2. Maybe look into Mike Miller

3. Look into Drew Gordon

4. If possible get Rajon Rondo or Brandon Jennings

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    The Knicks have to many players who need the ball in their hands at all time. Their best bet is Drew Gooden, hes a great TEAM player which is what they dont have. Rondo wont happen.

  • 8 years ago

    Raymond Felton > Brandon Jennings

    Felton tore Jennings apart in the season series between NY and Milwaukee which NY swept

    Felton when healthy can play inspired d and Jennings cannot

    If Felton took as many shots or was the 1st/2nd option like BJ he'd average the same PPG and @ a better %. BJ has never shot even 40% in his career.

    Felton is a better leader than BJ too.

    Obviously Rajon Rondo is better than Felton but BOS isn't going to give Rondo up for just Felton. They are going to want Iman Shumpert. This is a bad deal because Shumpert is the truth. NY has invested a lot in him and he's an important player. Not to mention he's 6 yrs Rondo's junior.

    Drew Gooden would be a solid pickup as would Tyrus Thomas. They should also look internally of what they have now in Summer League. Jeremy Tyler, Terrence Jennings, and Toure Murry.

  • Jake
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    8 years ago

    Robinson is getting better offers than what the Knicks can offer. Mike Miller is looking to back to the West. Idk who Drew Gordon is. the Boston Celtics aren't going to trade Rondo to a team in the division, and definitely not the Knicks if they did. A Brandon Jennings trade is hard to pull off since the Knicks don't have much flexibility to do a sign and trade with what Jennings is asking for. His game wouldn't work in NY anyway.

    What is going to happen is the Knicks are in talks with Kenyon Martin, and a deal should happen soon. They need a 3rd string pg, as of right now the current frontrunner is international standout Bobby Brown, followed by Aaron Trooks, Sebastian Telfair, and they're also looking into the summer league standout Toure Murry. They're also looking into signing Raja Bell. They're most likely going to give a partial contract to a big from their Summer league roster as well, right now it could be Jeremy Tyler.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Get more PF's or C's. they already have enough good shooters. Amare is old and so is Chandler

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