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Which major is more relevant to architectural environmental engineering?

I have to decide my major for master degree in Australia. I have a bachelor of architectural engineering and a master of architectural environmental engineering in South Korea. Be based on my career, which major is more relevant to my career? Until now, Im thinking of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Planning bacause I'm interested in Environment and also I want to work in developing countries in the future. Please give me good answer, this is really important decision in my life.

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    There is not enough detail information regarding your background and training. Environmental Engineering involves process design of treatment plants and procedures. It also includes monitoring and testing of effluents, and discharges into the air and water. The licensing to practice professionally is often as a civil engineer.

    Most architectural applications are directed towards Green practices in building design, development or construction and minimal process applications.

    Since most managers in public and private environmental practice are often licensed as civil engineers, you may wish to consider a master's in environmental engineering.

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