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How long would it take Marines in Italy to reach Cairo?

I asked a question about Marines and Egypt earlier. Part of the answer was that Marine FAST teams had been moved to Italy.

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    The base they were sent to in Italy is an Air Force base. It would make sense that they were forwarded from there to the assault ships which are now sitting off the coast of Egypt. Aircraft can land on both the Kearsarge and San Antonio. I'm only guessing.

    As far as how long it would take to move a FAST team from Italy to Cairo, it is about 1500 miles, that would be a 5 hour flight on an MV-22. They would be there in 5 to 6 hours since they would already be on standby. You would have to bring them in on an aircraft with V/STOL. That is why I think they are on the assault ships now.

    There is probably a Maritime Raid Force on the ships which would include Force Recon. But, you don't use Force Recon to evacuate an embassy when you have teams available which are specifically trained to do this. You might have Force Recon secure the outside of the embassy. FAST would go inside, you can bet the FAST teams are memorizing the floor plan of the embassy.

    EDIT -- Someone might ask why MARSOC wouldn't be used if there is a MARSOC team aboard. There are two reasons and they are related.

    1- MARSOC is under the command of USSOCOM. The command is more streamlined and you don't have to deal with a long chain of command if you use your own special ops teams.

    2- The responsibility for embassy evacuation is the Marines. FAST Marines are trained to back up the embassy guard. The operation would be more effective using Marine special ops teams.

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    It would take one of their missiles a little over 5 minutes.

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    FAST teams would be first there...

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